Minecraft 1.5 Update will be More Addicting than Fig Newtons

Hopefully the rain won't put out my flaming pillars of intimidation (it's only a safety measure to keep kids out of the Nether)

I’ve started to develop a love/hate relationship with Minecraft; on one hand I love playing it but on the other I hate who I’ve become (it was like food tasted bad when Minecraft wasn’t around). I knew I had a problem and so I haven’t spoken with Minecraft for awhile.  Unfortunately, just when I thought I was over Minecraft, I got the news that it will be getting even more lovable next week.

While the updates in version 1.4 were pretty much everything I could desire (tameable wolves and a spawn altering bed), Minecraft players around the globe can now look forward to a few aesthic and core changes that will soon have you wanting to heat Minecraft on a spoon and inject it straight into your arm. The version 1.5  updates include rain, snow and lighting (which has to ability to turn pigs into zombie pigmen) as well as achievements, statistics and powered rails for the minecart system. This is all leading up to the full release of Minecraft on 11/11/11.

If excitement caused me to vomit, then that’s what I would be doing right now but unfortunately it causes me to poop my pants so thanks Mojang, there goes another perfectly good pair of pants. I look forward to the uncomfortable conversation with my wife where I’m forced to explain that a game caused me to lose control of my bowels, but I have a feeling that I won’t be the only one in that boat.


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