Just 5 More Minutes: My Quest for Gold in the Gears of War 3 Beta

Cole Train

Hell yeah, baby. The Cole Train has bling.

I’m all about achievements, but I rarely go after the multiplayer ones. Most of them require a ridiculous amount of playing time and I just don’t have that much time to commit to a single game. Unlockables rank even lower on my list. I’ve never cared about special skins, or different ways to dress up your character, let alone in a beta. My interests online lie strictly between my boomstick and your face. Somehow Epic managed to change my mind with the Gears of War 3 beta .

What’s in it for me?

There are 7 things you can unlock in the beta that carry over to the retail version of the game. Here they are in the order you can earn them:

  • Beta Tester Medal – Complete one match in the Beta to permanently unlock.
  • Flaming Hammerburst – Complete one match by Sunday, April 24 to permanently unlock. (This is exclusive to the Bulletstorm early beta access week)
  • Flaming Lancer – Complete one match during the week of April 25 to permanently unlock.
  • Flaming Sawed-Off Shotgun – Complete one match during the week of May 2 to permanently unlock.
  • Flaming Gnasher Shotgun – Complete one match during the week of May 9 to permanently unlock.
  • Thrashball Cole – Unlocked by Complete 50 matches in any game type to unlock for the Beta period. To permanently unlock, complete 10 matches as Thrashball Cole during the Beta.
  • Gold-Plated Retro Lancer – Complete 90 matches in any game type to unlock for the Beta period. To permanently unlock, score 100 kills with the Gold-Plated Retro Lancer during the Beta.

I looked at the requirements for each of these and pretty much convinced myself that with my schedule, the Flaming weapons were really the only items within my reach.  I didn’t care about them much, but felt like it was something cool to have for playing the beta. With your average Team Deathmatch or King of the Hill match lasting 15 min. I figure there is no way I’ll hit 50 matches to unlock Thrashball Cole, and completing 90 for the Gold Lancer just isn’t even an option.

Now we’re getting serious

Coming into the final week of the beta I have 30 matches under my belt, My kill/death ratio is finally maintaining a positive number, and by this point I”m completely addicted to this game. I can officially say that Gears of War 3 will be my goto game for online multiplayer.  As I jump into my next game to unlock the final flaming weapon skin I start noticing everyone’s playing as Thrashball Cole. Seriously? I can’t be the only beta tester who didn’t unlock this. I can finish 20 more matches can’t I? My first response was no, but I hadn’t tried the new Capture the Leader game type yet. So I do and my first round was over in like 5 min so I start thinking hey this might be possible. The rounds are much faster than they are in the other two game types. 3 1/2 hours later I’ve unlocked Thrashball Cole and am playing my 62nd match. Now I still need to play 10 matches as him to keep him unlocked, but that’s not even a concern anymore. I’ve gone this far so I might as well go for gold.

A few more like this and I'm golden.

I only have 4 days left to play 28 more matches and then score 100 kills for the Gold-Plated Retro lancer, but I figure at this point I’m all in. At the rate I finished the last 30 matches this is completely doable in a few sittings, but i still have a large task ahead of me. There is definitely a high probability of me getting withing 5 feet and failing during this mission, but then again, who really cares if my lancer is gold? It’s just gonna have your blood all over it anyway.


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4 Comments Just 5 More Minutes: My Quest for Gold in the Gears of War 3 Beta

  1. Justin Gifford

    We were tracking your progress. I’m impressed…and particularly excited by it as it will give me something shiny to aim at.

  2. Andrew Cooper

    Haha. I was actually surprised by how not shiny it is. It’s more obvious in well lit maps, but you’ll definitely notice it when you’re lying on the other side of one of my executions.

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