Horrible Game Night 11/4 9pm EST – Battlefield 3

HGN Battlefield 3

It’s time to head back to the battlefield and we want to take all of you with us. This Friday night (11/4) at 9pm EST on Xbox Live come get some war wounds with H21 (Brandon) and Copperskull (James) and Battlefield 3 as we kick start our monthly game nights with the Horrible Night community.


Xbox Live – Go ahead and add H21 and Copperskull to your friends list or join the Horrible Night platoon. Message them after to get an invite to the game during the event.

PC Gamers – Joshleedotcom (Josh) on Origin is your point man. Add him on Origin or join the Josh’s Heroes platoon.

PSN – If you’d like to host, please contact us via our contact form.

Joining Up

Copperskull will be streaming the game on Twitch.TV/HorribleNight so if you have any questions about joining up during the game night, hit us up in chat and we’ll get you into the game.

See you out there. Good gaming!

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