You Should Go To Indy PopCon Even If Horrible Night Can’t Be There

You Should Go To Indy PopCon Even If Horrible Night Can’t Be There

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REPLY TO ALL: Rule This World

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Damn It Feels Good to be a (PC) Gangsta

by on January 5, 2012 at 4:09pm
PC Gaming

The world may be ending, but the PC Renaissance is just beginning!

Are you looking for a few reasons to upgrade or buy a new gaming PC? Or, maybe you just bought that new $200 video card and you’re looking to wash away any lingering buyers remorse?

The champions of PC gaming, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, have compiled a pictorial list of 76 games that they are most excited about and that are due out in 2012. I promise, you WILL get a nerd-boner scrolling through this list. If you don’t, then you probably only own an Xbox and an iPad. For shame!

There are plenty of PC exclusives in there, such as Diablo III and Planetside 2. There’s also a good chance that the PC versions of the multiplatform games listed will be the definitive versions. Oh, and quite a few of them will be $10 cheaper than their console counterparts, and you don’t have to leave the house to buy a single one of them.

I’ve been saying that it’s a great time to get into, or back into, computer gaming. With a much lower entry price point than most people realize, and an abundance of great games already available, maybe it’s time you took the plunge.

If building your own computer or picking out the right parts seems too scary, you can always hit me up for advice at @joshleedotcom. Please look for a glowing testimonial from @GiffTor below.


Rock, Paper, ShotgunĀ 

6 comments on “Damn It Feels Good to be a (PC) Gangsta

  1. Oh, um. Glowing testimonial right here. I did buy a bunch of new parts for my aging PC. Once I finish putting it together and transferring all of my stuff over from my old drive, I will definitely be getting back into some PC gaming. The difficulties I’m having have nothing to do with the stuff I bought (new RAM, GPU, CPU, power supply and motherboard, all recommended by joshleedotcom) but rather what I DIDN’T buy – a new case. That was my mistake and I’ve bled as a result of that poor, poor choice. Hopefully, I should be up and running this weekend.

  2. You know why PC games are $10 less? They’re trying to offset the fact that you have to buy a new $250 video card every year to keep your games looking pretty.

  3. I used to be a PC gamer. I’ll admit the games are cheaper, look better, and I love shooters with a mouse and keyboard. But none of those improve my gamerscore dammit!

  4. I haven’t had a chance to improve my Steam Score because the significant other has been satisfying her Sims3 withdrawal. And by that, I mean I haven’t even OPENED Dungeon Defenders, Binding of Isaac or Civ V. Dammit.

  5. It might be time she got her own PC. Those who play together stay together.

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