The Thing About Arcade Expos – The Horrible Show #305

Justin, Cole, and Ethan recap their experience at the Louisville Arcade Expo – games from every era, lots of pinball and amazing people. Plus, they react to the Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer, talk XCOM and more.

The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game topics.

Show Notes

Justin L, Cole, Ethan

00:41 – Intro
04:17 – Game Industry Shout-Outs
16:42 – Horrible Shout-Outs
25:32 – On the Spot Question (Reference)
34:18 – The Louisville Arcade Expo
4:25 – How’d We Get Here
42:16 – The Games
57:18 – Old Consoles
1:04:39 – The People
1:21:44 – Lessons and Recommendations
1:28:26 – Updates

Game Industry Shout-Outs:

Horrible Shout-Outs

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