Gamecation Worthy – The Horrible Show #306 Live

The Horrible ShowJustin, Cole, Ethan and Josh turn to a live audience to determine what traits define gamecation worthy video games. From Square games to Irrational games, Dead Spaces to Noire stories these games have brought out the best and worst in gaming habits.

The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game topics.

This show was recorded live on Live podcasts are featured monthly. You can check out the archived video here:

Part 1 – 4 minutes
Part 2 – 14 minutes
Part 3 – 76 minutes

Throughout March, Horrible Night will be featuring articles on Gamecations

Show Notes

Justin L, Cole, Ethan, Josh

00:25 – Intro
03:44 – Game Industry Shout-Outs
20:41 – Horrible Shout-Outs
28:11 – On the Spot Question
34:14 – Gamecation Worthy
34:29 – What is a gamecation?
43:54 – Trait ideas
55:07 – Shoulda gamecationed
58:30 – More trait ideas
1:10:45 – Gamecation regrets
1:18:07 – Final trait ideas
1:26:40 – Upcoming gamecations
1:29:43 – Top 5 Gamecation Traits
1:33:45 – Updates

Game Industry Shout-Outs:

Horrible Shout-Outs:

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