Welcome to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition – The Cursed Checkpoint #116

Brandon and JP had never planned on trying Minecraft, but the 360 release proved to be too enticing. They are joined by the seasoned Minecraft PC player, Aaron, to talk about their first impressions and plans for future adventures.

The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video game, genre, news headline, or industry story. It features a rotating cast of up to 3 members of the Horrible Night writing staff and/or video game industry professionals.

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Oh, look! An aqueduct! JP would be proud!

Episode Background

This is not just a “I’m new to Minecraft and don’t know what to do” episode. There are plenty of those out there. Brandon, JP, and Aaron discuss the impact of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and look at the game from a newcomer’s perspective. What are their hopes, dreams, and fears? Aaron played Minecraft on PC for some time before the release on Xbox 360. What’s his take on the new edition?

This checkpoint is full of lessons learned, stories, and bro-ship all revolved around Minecraft. It is intended for gamers who haven’t made up their mind about whether or not they will purchase Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition or those who just don’t know what to expect.

Show Notes

Cast: Brandon, JP, and Aaron
Runtime: 36:02
Games: Minecraft, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

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