The Double Dragon Theme Song Tribute

Double Dragon

Don’t worry ladies, there are enough jump kicks to go around.

This past week, Joystiq posted an article about the Double Dragon Neon soundtrack (by Big Lion Music) being free on Bandcamp and though I have yet to play the game, I was excited to dash over to the soundtrack’s page and check it out. While I’m pretty sure the rest of the music (a whopping 45 tracks including some mixes) is probably pretty great, I was focused on the opening title theme. You see, I’m kind of a Double Dragon opening title theme connoisseur and have spent much of my free time scouring the interwebs for remixes. Because such things could be considered evidence of extreme fanboyism, I’ve decided to label this quest “research” and share my findings with the world.*

*Keep in mind that I’m no music expert so I’ll be describing things from the vantage point of someone who thinks they can identify instruments accurately.

The Original

This was the song that I’d love to say coaxed me from the womb, but that’d be a lie. It was, however present about 4 years later when I got my SEGA Master System. If ever there was a theme to hear before seeking justice with a buddy, this is it.

The NESkimos Version

A hard rock version, this was the first cover of the opening theme I ever heard and unfortunately, this happened during college while I was training MMA. During my less responsible years, I’d often patrol the streets fueled only by this song blaring through an Mp3 player and the Southern Comfort I used to drink like water. Nothing horrible ever happened during this period in my life, but I did rip the sleeves off more than one blue jacket.

The Vertexguy Cover

I recently heard this cover and liked it quite a bit even though it doesn’t have as heavy of a sound as the NESkimos version. That being said, this would be the tune to listen to once the mission was accomplished as opposed to right before. Has a toned down, rolling credits type sound but still awesome none the less. I feel like Keanu Reeves would prefer this version, though I’m not sure how I came to such a conclusion.

The Vomitron Cover

This version ranges between heavy to a more classic synthesizer like sound. There’s also what sounds like an electric organ at the beginning though I’m not sure if that is even a real instrument. At least a portion of this cover would be fitting if Double Dragon was set in medieval times. I guess that means It’d be Sir William and Sir James of the family Lee.

The Double Dragon Neon (Big Lion Music) version

(Here) Holy cow! Just when you thought you couldn’t get a perfect mix of the classic sound and a bit of rock backing, this song comes out and makes you poop in your pants and in the pants of someone close to you (hopefully not a love interest). It’s very obvious that some very large lions composed this track because regular sized humans wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude to accomplish such a feat. Kudos to you lions, you’ve broken the glass ceiling that’s kept felines out of the music scene.

Do you have any Double Dragon Opening Theme covers that I’ve missed or covers of video game music that makes you want to be successful in life? If so, email them to someone on this website that is more responsible than me; I’ll probably lose the links.


via Joystiq

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