The War Z Pre-order Incentives Revealed

The War Z

This sleepy little mountain getaway isn’t quite the vacation spot it used to be.

Whether we’re ready or not, The War Z will be upon us before we know it. For those of you wanting to get a head start on the zombie apocalypse, there are three pre-order packages you can invest in that will get you early access to the game and some other nifty little gifts as well.

At the low end, paying $19.49 (about 10.00 below retail price of the package) gets you beta access on October 31st as well as a special forum badge that features a knife with a circle background.

$29.99 ($20.00 under retail of package price ) gets you into the October 15th Alpha, a special forum badge with a gun/ circle motif, $15 worth of in-game currency, a month of free hosting for the stronghold map (whatever that is) and 3 guest keys.

But that’s not all! Paying $49.99 ($20.00 under retail of package price) gets you October 15th Alpha access, a forum badge that is an actual badge (plus a circle), your name highlighted on leaderboards/chat, $30 worth of in-game currency, 6 MONTHS OF STRONGHOLD SERVER HOSTING AND THREE FREAKING GUEST KEYS! HOLY COW! EVERY PRE-ORDER PACKAGE MUST GO!

The game looks pretty cool, though if it’s anything like DayZ (which it basically is though quite a bit more polished) than it’s going to be a griefer’s paradise. That’d usually be a bad thing, but it’s actually what makes those two games work and is also a more accurate picture of what such a scenario would actually be like.


The War Z via Destructoid

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