Brotabulous Moments in Gaming Live: The War Z

Brotabulous Moments in Gaming: The War Z

The War Z is a game about surviving in a zombie apocalypse, but Ethan found that the undead were the least of his worries. After being mercilessly killed by other players (who were arguably just staying safe) while trying to make new bros, he began to get depressed about his chances for companionship until a familiar face popped into the ruined state of Colorado for a fun filled jaunt through the countryside. If you have a heart and you love friendship, this is the film for you:

This episode of Brotabulous Moments in Gaming was filmed before a live audience, then intensely edited afterwards to create a heart warming story so please excuse the harsh visuals…you can’t rehearse this level of broship.

Brotabulous Moments in Gaming – The word bro has been dramatically warped in recent years, its usage synonymous with douchebag or tool. Ethan Moses has taken it upon himself to restore this word back to its formal glory by demonstrating the true definition of the word bro through examples from his gaming sessions. You might laugh, you might cry, but if it makes you think then we’ve accomplished our mission. Having bros and being a bro is a good thing; it’s high time the world realized it.

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