Hey! Watch! The Ending of Super Mario Bros. 3 in First Person

Mario games have always been a lighthearted affair, but maybe that was all just a matter of perspective. Brandon Laatsch and his special effects team have put together an intense recreation of what Mario was actually seeing during the final stages of Super Mario Bros. 3 including the final encounter with Bowser.

We all know Mario has some serious platforming skills, but bouncing off of flying cannonballs has an entirely different feel when seen from a first person perspective. Although when looking at it now, you have to wonder why Mario didn’t just run around everything instead of just running right at this very narrow set of obstacles. I’m kidding, because this looks awesome and I’d love to see more 2D games rendered like this.

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1 Comment Hey! Watch! The Ending of Super Mario Bros. 3 in First Person

  1. Aaron McNeal

    Very cool. Good thing Mario seems immune to motion sickness from cannonball bouncing.

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