Saints Row 4 is Full of Even More Crazy Crap, Arriving in August

Saints Row 4

Things are about to get real political.

Deep Silver just  took August from a crappy and hot stank factory to my most anticipated month of the year; Saints Row 4 has officially been announced! Fans of the original will be happy to find that all the insanity from Saints Row: The Third is back and then multiplied by a million. Those that didn’t care much for the last game, well you can go jump off a bridge.

I don’t really know what else to say about this trailer. I got so excited that I almost choked on the homemade mac and cheese I was gorging myself on. Even though the German cold makes me anticipate the warm weather,  it now looks like the best part of summer is going to be its end.


Youtube via PC Gamer

3 Comments Saints Row 4 is Full of Even More Crazy Crap, Arriving in August

  1. TheProphecyMNM

    Words can not express my level of excitement upon seeing this glorious trailer.

  2. Andrew Cooper

    It’s pretty impossible to not be excited about this game after watching that.

  3. moses5885

    did my mind just explode? I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I JUST CANT HIDE IT, I M ABOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND PLAY THIS GAME FOR THE WHOLE REST OF THE YEAR NONSTOP!!!!! super powers will be hilarious and amazing.

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