Hey! Look! How to Pick the Perfect Video Game Infographic

You’ve been waiting all day for this moment, it’s game time, but instead of actually playing a game you are caught in the moment of truth when you cannot pick a game to play. You have the most dire of first world problems, but it is still an issues. Luckily, as with any major life decision, the internet now has a flow chart for that difficult moment.

Mike Brunson has taking up the calling and created the effective “How to Pick the Perfect Video Game” infographic. I particularly enjoyed my route to choosing Geometry Wars and WWF No Mercy. Which coincidentally had me thinking about what a wrestling game would look like if I “wanted to feel like I was on drugs.” Anyways, chart!

Pick the Perfect Video Game

Click on the image to view the full size version.

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1 Comment Hey! Look! How to Pick the Perfect Video Game Infographic

  1. Nicole

    Did it a handful of times and my recommendations were Portal2, Braid, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, and Fallout.

    Fairly accurate.

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