Devil May Cry (DmC) Trailer Features Dante?

You never quite know what is going to come out of the Tokyo Game Show. But usually you know what to expect out of the 5th game in an established franchise like Devil May Cry. Then the trailer for DmC shows up:

New direction? Reboot? Origin story? The answers are fuzzy right now, but that fact is that that is a very different Dante than the cold bad-ass demon hunter that we are accustomed to.

Devil May Cry

I sense angst and snark

Dante is one of my favorite characters of the modern generation of video games (Hell, I bought a PS2 just to play as him). However, I want to reserve judgment as not enough is known about the game itself., and everything aside from the Dante’s design looks fantastic.

The game is being developed by Ninja Theory, who made the PS3 exlcusive Heavenly Sword, so it looks like a lot of new creative minds are involved in DmC. Maybe the 5th game is the right time to start fresh, but I can’t help but feel that I wasn’t done with the original Dante.


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