These Dark Souls Feel Like Demon’s Souls

Its not too late, well maybe for this guy

Demon’s Souls was one of those games that I wanted to play but never got around to. With the news that the servers would be offline in March, I thought maybe I was too late. Fortunately for my “always late to the party and not in a cool way” self,  what has been codenamed Project Dark is now Dark Souls, and I may get a second chance at wicked hard dungeon crawling.

Dark Souls will be a spiritual successor as the story and location have changed, but the basic premise is still the same. It looks like exploration is going to be a larger focus and the map will be more open to compliment the enhanced approach to navigation. The character creation systems looks to get an overhaul as well, this time giving players more freedom as well as offering a larger number of different items, spells and weapons.

Thats not to say it won’t be difficult, from all accounts players will still be pulling out their hair and cursing at their screens. However, Dark Souls players will also have a better sense of achievement to this game in addition to the trial and error approach of the first. Details are still pretty light, but it looks like Dark Souls is definitely a game to look out for, especially if you missed the first one.



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  1. The Prophecy

    I can confirm now….this game is freakin hard, but freakin awesome. I’m definitely submitting a review on it when I get further in.

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