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Meanwhile… we’ve actually been playing games. Each week we recap our recent gaming experiences and tell you what we’re looking forward to, so you can use your time more wisely than we have. Surprisingly, this group was actually able to game together, in person, this weekend. We aren’t talking online gaming, we are talking old school hanging out in the same living room and mocking each other’s performances. Welcome to 2011. This week our guest gamer is streetalchemist who may have cracked the code to awesome.

Def Jam Rapstar

Not DMX and not this dramatic, but just as ridiculous


Each night, I travel back in time to the Old West. Stepping into the shoes of Mr. John Marston makes me want to watch Tombstone and Back to the Future III. I’ve mentioned that I am replaying Red Dead Redemption on the 360 to get the achievement points I missed out on when I played it on the PS3. Well, I’m playing it a little different this time around. Instead of jumping around from mission giver to mission giver, I’ve decided to narrow my focus as much as I can on one person at a time. Right now, I’m working on finishing the Bonnie missions before moving onto the sheriff missions and then that damn snake oil salesman Nigel West Dickens.

It’s been 3 days and my voice has not yet recovered from my Def Jam Rapstar experience this past Saturday. I’m actually glad I never purchased that game or I’d be a mime. Be careful what you wish for, when you try to rap like DMX. Ridiculous videos are sure to ensue.

Looking ahead, I want to get to Mexico this week in Red Dead. I still have Alan Wake and Enslaved staring back at me and screaming that they want their time in the 360 as well. Oh, and if anyone out there knows why my Play and Charge Kit is no longer working, please let me know.


Illegal in most states


Not gonna lie to you, gaming has been a bit light in the past few weeks. Sometimes organizing a video game site doesn’t allow for actual video game play time, chew on that for a moment. However, I did get to play through the first part of Stacking and it was as charming and funny as advertised. The whole silent film presentation along with the just bizarre gameplay of essentially possessing random people in a community that consists of dolls is much more fun than you’d think. I immediately found myself trying to find all of the different types of dolls as each unique type has a skill that ranges from belching to seducing to running through people like a runaway freight train. When my first instinct is to play around with all of the side stuff rather than jump into the story, you know you have something entertaining on your hands. Nicely done, Double Fine.

I did hit my first wall with WoW last week, we’ll see if I can bounce back last week. Drakkmire and I could have some decisions to make around joining a larger guild as wasting our 1 or 2 nights a week with random groups is getting frustrating. Not the game’s fault, but it’s a product of the MMO experience. Sometimes your groups are great and you save the world, other times, people just leave you hanging and you get slaughtered by hell puppies.

After witnessing an epic fail of a drunken Contra session, I’m fully prepared to download Hard Corps: Uprising this week. If you listen closely, you will probably hear my yell the first time I pick up the spread gun.


Indie games are worth your time


Leading up to our first annual shareholder’s meeting (complete with a “show the kids how you play Contra” event), I felt inspired to spend some time downloading some games that might normally be out of my comfort zone; I hit up XBLA’s “Indie Games” section and picked up 5 or 6 games and played 3 of them over the weekend: Radiangames’ Fluid, Mutant Wasteland 2030 and Bird Assassin. I played through the first 10 levels of Fluid, a top-down racer where you drive a tadpole that is a combination of cute and badass, sort of like Ratchet. The music and atmospheric tone were well done and a bit of a combination of creepy and soothing, sort of like swimming in a lake at night. I will likely play more of this on one of my too-tired-to-watch-DVR’ed-Chuck nights. Mutant Wasteland doesn’t have a Giant Bomb page and if it did, I wouldn’t link to it. That game sucked. It would have sucked in 1996 and it sucks even worse now. I’m pissed that I paid $0.64 cents to download it. If anyone cares, it’s an FPS involving zombies and it’s broken like one or two of my old controllers. Bird Assassin took 2 hours to beat and was awesome. I’ll be reviewing it briefly tomorrow.

Otherwise, I’m planning on wrapping up my time with Mr. Marston and company this week, getting into Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and downloading Hard Corps: Uprising when it comes out on Wednesday. Let’s hear it for 3 day weekends!


I hear you can make this in about 20 minutes


I spent quite a bit of time this past weekend attaching a giant skull to my Minecraft castle on Coop’s server as a way to keep the other guys on the server nice and intimidated. Not sure its working, so I plan to increase the size of the skull when I get a bit of free time later this week,

I also finished up Tales From Space: About a Blob, but you can read my review for further info. Its a super fun game…I’ll leave it at that.

Finally, like GiffTor I got into Red Dead a bit on Sunday evening and realize that I kind of suck. Shooting people while riding a horse is tough and definitely makes me rethink trying to inact a bit of wild west justice on all those bad guys that lurk around the city.

Rock Band 3

A game you don't play enough


Day 35 in the mines: Dig, dig, dig, dig, place torch… dig, dig, dig, dig, place torch… dig, dig, dig.. wait, did you hear that? *evil gargling noise* Ok, I know I heard it that time… dig, dig, AHHH!!!!!!!! Zombie, ZOMBIE! Kill it, KILL IT! Ok *breathe*, it’s dead, *breathe* I’m ok, I’m ok. Dig, dig, shit, LAVA!! *dies…*

This is how much of my gaming as gone as of late. I’ve been fully immersed in Minecraft whenever I’m not working or playing something else. Otherwise when I take breaks from mining I’ve been Rock Band 3‘ing it up, dying as quickly as possible in Super Meat Boy, grabbin’ bananas with Donkey Kong Country Returns, riding in a small boat with a talking elephant in The Manhole (early game from the makers of MYST), and filming people drinkin’ 40’s and playin’ Contra. All in all, it’s as much gaming as possible. Right now I find this to be the right formula for pure awesomeness!

Next up, is going back to the madhouse with Batman: Arkham Asylum, and then finishing up Halo: Reach!

Meanwhile… What are you playing?


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