Who is Cursed?

Here is the lovable staff that is infecting you with opinions disguised as facts. Click around to dig deeper into their world and even find out to follow them around the internets. Maybe you’ll make a friend, maybe you’ll make a nemesis, either way we recommend a shotty to the face.


JDevLJDevL (Justin L) – founder, editor-in-chief, podcast host, control freak, and explosion supporter

ColefacekillaColefacekilla (Cole) – co-founder, associate editor, podcaster, editorial writer, former pro wrestler

Wizardtrain187Wizardtrain187 (Ethan) – editorial writer, podcaster, reviewer,  and the foremost expert on horror themed scenarios (HTS)


GiffTorGiffTor (Justin G) – commentator, retro reviewer, completionist, and knows what Archon is

CoopopolopolisCoopopolopolis (Andrew) – contributor, musician, and best with the boomstick

H21H21 (Brandon) – editorials, social media, and his kid has great taste in games

JoshleedotcomJoshleedotcom (Josh) – doin it live, podcaster, tech guru, and pc defender

CopperskullCopperskull (James) – contributor, video streaming, and highlight maker

streetalchemiststreetalchemist (Alex) – contributor, retro reviewer, and vampire killer

JPizzle151JPizzle151 (JP) – contributor, overthinker, will try anything, and killer of created characters

BGRadioBGRadio (Aaron) – game reviews, adventuring, dark soul seeker, not a custodian

Hidden Characters

Jadetiger CGJadetiger CG (Christina) – podcaster, reviewer, gamer chick, and dangerous with a gun

RobequeRobeque (Rob) – podcaster, contributor, and former rap star

BlueAwesomeBlueAwesome (Tommy) – contributor, game culturist, currently watching cartoons

PixelmixerPixelmixer (Dustin) – contributor, game developer, and modern warfare completionist

TheProphecyThe Prophecy (Nathan) – contributor, rpg fanatic, and known to cry during Final Fantasy

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