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So I’m an interesting kind of gamer, I’m not quite “hardcore” but I’m definitely more than “casual.” I suppose I’m more “franchise curious” or “button mashing neutral.” Seriously though, I do love games. I really got into gaming when I was a kid with my NES, learning how to hold a controller at a very young age, and playing a WHOLE lot of Castlevania II. It just went up from there as time went by, and I enjoyed other types of games. Early on I was mainly into platformers, but then I played MYST, and my love for both the adventure and puzzle genres was solidified. Next came Final Fantasy and my love of RPG’s. Now I just like to see all of that stuff thrown together, which is why Castlevania is still my favorite franchise!

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Favorite Genre(s)
Adventure, Puzzle, Arcade

First All Nighter
The first time I remember putting a TON of time into a game with any level of true gamer commitment was with Faxanadu for the NES. There’s a ridiculously awesome magic weapon available at a shop very early in the game but it is incredibly expensive. In order to actually get it you have to spend HOURS just killing enemies between two screen to try and save up enough coin.

Current Fanboy Alliance
Used to be a diehard Sony fanboy, but the killed it. Killed every damn reason for anyone to be their fanboy and it’s not just because they were late to the game with achievements. They didn’t push the PS3 hard enough when it came out. By only letting “super hardcore” games be developed and released it completely ruined the mass awesomeness of the PS2. The xbox 360 has made me a Microsoft gaming fanboy and I’m proud of it.

My Lists
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