Brandon Coppernoll


Gamertag: H21

I refuse to “grow up” and move on from the games industry. I am actively engaged in a professional career and raising a family. My son aspires to be a gamer, and I try to set the example of balance in games and life. My first system was the NES, and my first games were Dragon Warrior and RBI Baseball. Now I play a wide-variety of games, and I am writing to share my experiences as a “responsible adult” who daily tries to feed the “gamer”. What better way than to connect with gamers from all walks of life than to share with Horrible Night?

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Favorite Genre(s)
RPGs, First Person Shooters, Strategy/Simulation

First All Nighter
Resident Evil – PS1

Current Fanboy Alliance
If I had to choose sides, Microsoft. Although I have nothing against the others.
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