JP LaFrance


Gamertag: JPizzle151

I started my gaming life during Christmas of ’88. My parents bought us a NES for our big present that year (I have to say ‘us’ because it was for my older siblings as well, but it was for me). I vividly remember my mom being pissed that I beat Mario in about a week. She then took me to Toys R Us to buy a new game. I remember wanting to buy a dumb game (Spy v Spy I believe). She then convinced me to buy The Legend of Zelda because it had more screens, and it was downhill from there. Some people read and others watch TV or movies for entertainment. I prefer my entertainment in gaming. I love being able to be something I’m not, and escape reality for a short period.

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Favorite Genre(s)
Sandbox/Open World, Action/RPG

First All Nighter
NHL ’94

Current Fanboy Alliance
Bioware and Bethesda

My Lists
Top 10 Games to Date
Back to the Cursed

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