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Gamertag: GiffTor

Despite his mother’s best efforts to discourage him from getting involved in a medium that she viewed as equally destructive to becoming a productive member of society as cable TV, GiffTor got started early playing Frogger, Archon and Wizards of Wor on the Commodore 64. An early joint venture between GiffTor and his brother resulted in an capital asset acquisition of one (1) Sega Genesis.  No further acquisitions were made until  he could legally operate a motor vehicle; the venture expanded into Nintendo’s sphere of operations with the Nintendo64 . GiffTor finds sadistic pleasure in thrashing only the best games until they weep and beg for mercy, is better at Galaga than you are and still gets excited at the eventual release of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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Favorite Genre(s)
FPS, Action/RPG, Flight Sims

First All Nighter
The first time I remember staying up all night playing a game was at my cousin’s house. Mom and Dad wouldn’t buy my brother and I a Nintendo, hoping that we would find something productive to do. That plan worked out well. My aunt and uncle, on the other hand,  could care less, so one night, staying over wit my cousin, I decided to get my gaming in. As I watched the credits roll on Bionic Commando, my aunt walked in about at 3:30 in the morning and suggested, sleepily, that I go to bed. The first time I had something that approaches the Horrible AllNighter experience, though, was a birthday party/sleepover in 3rd grade – we were up all night playing Blaster Master and 1942 using the NES joystick controller with the turbo buttons.

Current Fanboy Alliance

  • Android/Google. (Apple sucks)
  • Consoles with current-day technology (<cough> Nintendo <cough>)

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