Justin Lacey


Gamertag: JDevL

I’ve always been in denial of just how addicted I am to the games industry. Somewhere along the line it evolved beyond just my times with a controller or keyboard at my fingertips. Around the launch of the Nintendo 64, I began to scour the internet for every small piece of new info, every screenshot, every pixelated video that I could get my hands on that was related to any game I was remotely interested in. The convergence of the internet, the gaming media, gaming culture, and the gaming industry itself has fueled my interest in technology. Now, it’s time to stop consuming and start contributing something to the culture I love.

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Favorite Genre(s)
Action / Adventure, Shooters, Music, Platformers, Indie/Weird

First All Nighter
Resident Evil (PS1)

Current Fanboy Alliance
Slowly coming back to the PC

Current Gen Favorite Game(s)
Uncharted 2, Rock Band 3, Gears of War 3

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