Radio Waves for 02/10/14

Look who’s back. Fresh off The 2013 Grimmys, it’s safe to say that video games definitely happened last year and they’re gonna continue happening this year. I’ve spent the last month returning to games that I’d barely cracked the surface on and pushed myself to get to the end credits, whether I wanted to or… Continue reading

Radio Waves for 09/13/13

Open world games are insane. Having a wide-open expanse of chaos and opportunity on all sides is simply insane. Maybe that’s why games of this variety are so well-received: when the leash is unhooked and your legs unshackled, anything is possible. Whether traveling in a car, boat or by the speed of your own two… Continue reading

Radio Waves for 07/14/13

I’m not the biggest fan of summer as an adult. I don’t get a 3-month vacation, it gets “stanky hot” where I live and, worst of all, there are hardly any new game releases I care about. Luckily, there are plenty of fresh games I’m still playing and soul-crushing digital ultra sales to look forward… Continue reading

Radio Waves for 05/03/13

It’s happening, folks! We just hit May, but the storm of awesome movies is fast approaching and it starts with Iron Man 3. This usually means that gamers can expect the usual product placement of soda cans, fast food and rushed tie-in video games. Like death, taxes and split-second bathroom urges, this is inevitable. What’s… Continue reading

Radio Waves for 04/19/13

April showers bring retro gaming. The releases have hit a bit of a lull, allowing one such as myself some time to catch up and breathe (when allergies and stormy downpours aren’t thinking otherwise). What better excuse to hit up some smaller titles that remind me of the days in my parents’ basement in front… Continue reading