News and… Dracula’s SNES

Looking at the photos of this ridiculous custom SNES, I couldn’t figure out how/if the console worked underneath all of that intricate Castlevania goodness. After checking out the artist’s (Vadu Amka) in progress video though, I’m just wishing I could turn my console on using a skull. That should come standard in all consoles really. Digging… Continue reading

BaraBariBall (Sportsfriends) Reflex Review – Do You Have A Jump Left In That Chamber?

Sportsfriends is a wonderful thing. Bringing back local multiplayer games is something Horrible Night will blindly support until the game itself causes physical altercations between all of us. Granted I would have bought Sportsfriends for Super Pole Riders alone, but the collection is solid across the board. BaraBariBall though, that was the big question mark… Continue reading

The Cursed Checkpoint #303 – Hearthstone Summer Lovin

Justin and Aaron have played more Hearthstone this year than anyone could have expected. Why did they get into it over other card games? How did Aaron end up getting hooked on tournaments? Was Justin convinced to redo his gaming budget for Hearthstone? The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and… Continue reading