Meany Poop Face Gets Banned from League of Legends for Being a Meany Poop Face

If you had aspirations to be pro gaming’s “bad boy,” let the recent banning of professional League of Legends bad ass, Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, be a lesson for you. After what’s been described as a long history of being a total douche muffin, Mr. Rivera, had all of his associated accounts banned and won’t be able to compete… Continue reading

I’m a Video Game Watcher

I have always been okay with watching other people play video games. Sure, there are times when I’d like to be the one playing, but sometimes I’d just like to see the story without actually having to go through the ordeal of actually physically controlling the characters. Recently I’ve noticed myself watching a lot more… Continue reading

Gamer’s Journey: The Rewards of Going Indie: Part One – Accidentally Breaking New Ground

I’ve always been an exploratory gamer both inside the games themselves and outside as I try to find new gaming experiences as often as possible. That’s why this generation of games has been so exciting. Thanks to digital distribution and an increase in gaming platforms there are more games readily available than ever before. Of… Continue reading

League of Legends Season 2 World Championship has $3 Million Prize Pool

League of Legends is a multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) that has a pretty substantial competitive gaming following. In case you had any doubts on that following, Riot Games just announced the League of Legends Season Two World Championship with $3 million on the line for the world’s best League of Legends team. Teams have been competing all over… Continue reading

Space Cougars Ride Tonight – Super Gaming Best Friends #104

Friendship is fragile. Josh, Justin, Ethan, and special guest game developer, Jon Lietz test the limits of their friendship through space, ziggurats, acronyms, sneaking around, angry deities, and forgotten super heroes. Will SGBF be changed forever? Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on their latest video game… Continue reading