Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Caribbean Admiral is the Life for You if You Enjoy Ruining the Pirates’ Life

People are always talking about how cool being a pirate would be, but on paper the pirate lifestyle is chock full of jerk-centic behavior. While some people don’t mind taking what the want, when they want it, there are those that like the sensation of both high seas adventure and moral righteousness. If you happen to… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Lazerman has a Laser Fueled Head

Should one judge the game Lazerman merely by looking at the art above, they’d more than likely think that Lazerman was but a cheap Mega Man ripoff in the guise of a browser game. While the over-sized head and helmet do strike an uncanny resemblance to the legendary “Blue Bomber”, the similarities end there. Somehow, the game’s protagonist got involved with… Continue reading