No Man's Sky is interesting, not because it is a great game (it isn't), but because it is a fascinating tale of where video game development is today and how much of a role marketing and PR play into it.

It was like a modern day soap opera playing out across gaming sites and social media. Betrayal, lies, bad communication, all of it building on itself, an avalanche that Hello Games was quickly buried under. Updates are starting to come out (Foundation, for instance), but it seems like Hello Games has lost control of No Man's Sky's heart and are just trying to get above the snow, get some air.

It is impossible to say what NMS would have been like had the media they put out previous to launch matched the final product, but I also can't fault Hello Games for dreaming big and then having to come back to reality to actually deliver a product. Maybe NoClip could do a documentary on the whole ordeal…

Thanks for giving us something to talk about at least, No Man’s Sky.

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