I had no idea how much I missed a Suda51 flavor in my video games. Let It Die came out of nowhere (because I forgot about it) and all of a sudden I'm playing a better-than-it-deserves-to-be tough as nails roguelike with a skateboarding Death that's trying to break down the 4th wall. I was tripping out on mushrooms as I tried to beat myself up to save myself. I liked those mushrooms so much that I ate a grenade mushroom and blew myself up on accident, twice.

My mind is still spinning from Let It Die. I wish I could have focused on it more, but that in itself almost seemed like the wrong way to play it. The game may be genius or it may be terrible. I'm not sure it matters either way because I want more. Thanks for the ticket to ride, Let It Die.

Games of 2016

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