I really like Necropolis as an indie redemption story. When the game was announced as a souls-inspired roguelike, I thought it sounded rather ambitious. I knew that it was technically possible, but making a difficult dungeon crawler with randomized elements puts the fun factor at high risk. After a rough launch, Necropolis bounced back with a Brutal Edition. That's where I jumped in, and I had one helluva co-op adventure.

You just never know what to expect after the launch of an indie game, but the development team's continued support of its game showed that not every team immediately moves onto their next project or abandons their fans and ideals. Necropolis isn't perfect, but it is fun and unique. I dug its art style, atmosphere, and I've picked up a few pretty wicked weapons in my time with it. I'll keep bringing more friends with me into its dungeons for the foreseeable future. Thanks for fighting, Necropolis.

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