Gears of War 4 did not deserve the ridicule that I was heaping on it from the second I first saw gameplay video. Sometimes I just get defensive of my favorite franchises and want them to strive for better over striving for more. Gears of War 4 made me realize that more is more than ok.

After skipping Judgment, it had been too long since I had a good run with Gears. Gears 4 is as solid as you get with AAA video games, and the franchise continues to be a fantastic full package. Granted, I would buy a Gears game just to play an updated Horde mode, but I still love some classic multiplayer as well. The bonus that made Gears 4 a bit of a steal was that it managed to tell the best Gears story yet and move beyond it's bro-roots. At the same time, having ridiculous nostalgic moments with my Gears bros is just the icing on the cake.

I like Gears of War 4 for being comfortable in its own skin and being fun to play no matter what. It's one of my favorite games to co-op and there's nothing here that let me down as a Gears fan. Thanks for revving it up one more time, Gears of War 4.

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