I keep getting sucked back into Diablo 3's seasons because 1) getting loot is fun and more importantly 2) absolutely crushing demons is even more fun. Physically destroying demons faster than they can spawn is cathartic and satisfying no matter what version of Diablo you are playing, so why would you want to let them live? Setting a pacifist fun record in Diablo 2 sounds like a decent reason.

Check out DrCliche's full 7hr41min record breaking run if you dare:

My first thought was how do you beat a game with boss fights without attacking? Apparently, DrCliche's rules centered around never intentionally killing an enemy and never taking any aggressive actions. His thorn armor did most of the dirty work as it attacks any enemy that attacks it first. Sounds easy on paper, but at least one boss fight made things quite difficult.

Regardless, even with a sound strategy there's no way I'd be patient enough to try this so I find this incredibly impressive. I also never would have considered that it was possible to complete a pacifist run in a Diablo game. Now, I want to see what other action heavy games can be conquered without ever attacking at all.