Things get messy underground for Aaron and his crew in Oxygen Not Included. He would stop to catch his breath if, well, you get it.

There's this trick where someone spins plates on top of poles and keeps them upright and spinning for as long as possible. Now imagine that each plate is a quasi-autonomous space person trapped in a rock slowly running out of breathable air and there's also polluted liquid everywhere. Plus, one of these plates needs to clean the toilets. They are disgusting. That's the best way I can currently describe Oxygen Not Included, the newest survival jam from Klei Entertainment to enter Early Access.

To be honest, I've also called Oxygen a more involved version of Bethesda's surprise mobile hit Fallout Shelter. There are times when I could sit back and watch my little space minions (not the yellow ones in the movies) perform their jobs and everything comes together perfectly in our tiny space rock colony. Then a flood happens. Or half of the crew is trying not to suffocate. And suddenly there's no electricity. Then it's back to playing Space God to get their little stupid, I mean lovable, lives back on track.

While I'm trying not to get too hooked on the experience before it officially launches, it's perfectly playable in its current state and I would go so far as to recommend it based on my experience. At the very least, putting it on a games-to-watch list. If one game has ever taught me the value in regular toilet maintenance, this is it.