It wouldn't be a year in video games without a new Clance. Even if I didn't pull the trigger on a full release Clance, the beta-Clance still sticks with me. I don't know what Wildlands was trying to do with its story or its mission structure, and most fans I talked to didn't care either. So maybe I messed up. Maybe I missed the point.

After all we ruled that hill for a good 30 minutes against endless waves of really angry soldiers all while laughing our asses off. They kept throwing helicopters at us, and we kept blowing them up to send them rolling down the hill into their dumb trucks. When I got tired of working together a few well placed grenades during intense strategy sessions or after a long firefight that we barely survived always spiced things up. Thanks for letting Ryan get me good though, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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