My favorite game of all time is Galaga. While it’s not technically what we now call a bullet hell game, an argument could be made that in its later levels, it is the ur-bullet hell game, the granddaddy of every Xevious, Ikaruga, Raiden 4, and R-Type out there. Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo, in addition to its simultaneously-amusing-and-eye-roll-inducing name is 100% bullet hell with late-80’s magentas and teals, weapons so over the top they're Stallone-esque, and a tendency to require me to take ibuprofen and use eye drops after a couple of games from being afraid to blink in intense focus.

There’s a competent storyline in a genre that historically tends Voltron. In addition, as opposed to the throw-your-controller frustration when you pick up a crappy pew-pew "power-up" that replaces your awesome constant-beam-laser-shooter, SGSEXT lets you pick and choose between ships with dedicated weapons. It's a small thing, but it's a quality of life improvement that encourages experimentation. A bullet hell that balances difficulty well and gets me to come back to it repeatedly for a solid whuppin’ isn’t something I run into every day. Thanks for kicking the snot out of me and making me like it, Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo.

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