A surprise that I wasn't anticipating in the slightest, The Sexy Brutale is like the movie Groundhog Day if it revolved around murders at a costume party. Imagine waking up repeatedly, slowly learning the day's routine as guards patrol, conversations happen, and guests of the titular casino die on schedule. As the player saves more guests, their masks are collected which grant you new abilities to help save the next guests. It all comes together to weave an engaging and mysterious story, even if it also made me wary of self-proclaimed sexy casinos.

A lot of big-name games released last year, but I've been equally impressed with the quantity and quality of indie titles that left their marks on my gaming history. I was challenged from start to finish in a way I hadn't imagined to save all the casino's guests, people who I saved first and learned their stories later. I think that's what altruism is. Thanks for the second chances, The Sexy Brutale.

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