I've giggled at plenty of couch multiplayer games over the years, but it normally just comes from wacky competitive moments that the players create for themselves. Genital Jousting doesn't even let you breathe. Every action, every sound, every second brings out the immature red-faced reactions behind the universal truth that penises are hilarious.

Beneath the wiggles, there's a competitive game here that's a welcome addition to any living room. However, the single player portion of Genital Jousting is something that has to be experienced to be believed. The sheer commitment to the non-stop narrator driven dick jokes is Python-esque. Your cry laughing will have you questioning your sanity. The final sweet (not salty) surprise is when you realize the story has made you feel empathy for a main character that can only be described as a total dick. Thanks for the sausage party, Genital Jousting.

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