I've never felt at home on a farm before. I’m not sure if it was the low polygon character models, the weapon selection, the demonic overtones, or the combination of all of the above, but Dusk made me feel downright nostalgic during my country flashback. It also helped that I wasn’t working on the farm, but it definitely gave me the tools to do some real work. Two scythes may be the most messed up melee weapons I’ve ever used in a first person shooter. So many holes got poked. I kinda cringed, but I kinda loved it too because these cultists deserved the revenge I was reaping.

Once I found some ranged weapons, I settled in for some familiar demon cleansing. Dusk feels right and proudly embraces the best and worst of its inspirations. The soundtrack just as crunchy as the gibs, too. Thanks for hellish reunion, Dusk.

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