Flimsy undead shamblers are quite old hat by now, but there's a reason they remain a staple of the horrific survival genre. It's not about how formidable they are, but how well our weary-eyed and quite alive human can manage them. Regular ones, tubby ones, halfsie-ones, screamy ones... you know, your usual high school cliques. The more you love management, the more you'll love State of Decay 2 (and perhaps scheduling part-timers over the summer).

I enjoyed how State of Decay 2 took the framework of the original and built upon it enough to leave its own footprint. Resource gathering, survivor leveling, and zombie spawn stomping is a rhythm that got me moving. There are a lot of plates to spin sometimes, but when everything's under control, you feel like a management guru. Plus it hurts that much harder when it all goes to zombie hell. Thanks for the narrow escapes, State of Decay 2.

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