The games of this year are trying to keep up the momentum of some of the best video game years in history. It opened up the opportunities for what promises to be an ugly war between digital storefronts. Plus, not all crunch is equal.

Show Features

Cast: Justin Lacey, Ryan Billingsley, JB Buckner

  • What's Up?
    • Grills
    • Contractors
    • Minor League Baseball
  • Feature: Game Time Management in a Down Year
  • Game Break: Mario Tennis Aces / Super Smash Bros Ultimate / Rocket League
  • Feature: Epic Games Hates You
  • Hopetrain
    • LIKES - Raising next gen gamers / Videogame Dunkey / Noclip + Subset Games
    • CHANGES - Gaming is a Business / All Crunch is Not Equal / Horse Laws
  • Hypetrain
    • Rage 2