Where was video games when Horrible Night launched 10 years ago? Ryan finally says something nice about Fortnite. Justin gets broken by Sea of Thieves, again. Plus, how can all the Personas be the best Persona?

Show Features

Cast: Justin Lacey, Ryan Billingsley

  • How are You?
  • What's Up? Castlevania on Netflix
  • Game Time: Sea of Thieves / XCOM: Chimera Squad / Animal Crossing: New Horizons / Totally Reliable Delivery Service / Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Game Chumps
    • Gearbox announces Brothers in Arms TV Series
    • Riot addresses toxic community around Valorant
  • Feature: 10 Horrible years
  • Game Champs
    • Animal Talking with Gary Whitta
    • 12 Million watchted Travis Scott Show in Fortnite
  • Hypetrain
    • Gears Tactics / Persona 5 Royal