Super Gaming Best Friends #409 – Try Everything Once

Aaron eats cities while gathering resources on the moon. Jordan tries to find a way to hack the Batmobile. Justin plays soccer in space while observing zombie behavior. Plus Square Enix steals our game pitches and Spelunky is still ridiculous. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on… Continue reading

Game Curious The Swindle – Rob Me, Amadeus

Imagine that you’ve spent your entire life training for something and then you learn that those skills could become absolutely useless? I’m not talking about Liberal Arts, but the well-respected act of English thievery. Ah, the grace of breaking-and-entering. The beauty of hacking a computer hooked directly into a bank account. The majesty of hitting a robot with a… Continue reading

Potato Bumps #105 – Let’s Book SummerSlam 2015

Justin and Cole have already moved beyond the next WWE special and are looking forward to SummerSlam. We recap the current state of the WWE and attempt to realistically and fantastically predict the next 2 months of action in WWE and NXT. Potato Bumps – The professional wrestling podcast from the personalities of For booking… Continue reading