Horrible Nightcast - Episode 14 - Defending a Good Time with Aaron

They haven't yet, so they have to talk about Pokemon GO. Aaron and Justin have a lot to catch up on, too, but they'll just end up playing Overwatch. Featuring Fallout 4, The Flame in the Flood, Starbound, Ratz, Stardew Valley, and gaming on the brain.

Show Features

Cast: Justin Lacey, Aaron McNeal

  • Topic: Pokemon GO Then, Now, Forever
  • The Games:
    • Overwatch
    • Fallout 4
    • The Flame in the Flood
    • Starbound
  • Up Next
    • No Man's Sky
  • Justin's Games
    • Doom
    • Ratz Instagib
  • Recommendations
    • Hyper Light Drifter
    • Hitman
    • Abzu
    • Alienation
  • Shout-outs - Hearthstone - One Night in Karazhan, Stardew Valley
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