Horrible Nightcast - Episode 18 - Get the People Going with Ethan

Are Justin and Ethan getting a bit greedy with their loot? Gems into swords is one thing, but Shadow Warrior 2 wants gems in guns. It kinda works. It's kinda awesome. As awesome as Diablo 4? Now, we're really onto something.

Show Features

Cast: Justin Lacey, Ethan Moses

  • Topic: Shadow Warrior 2
  • Topic: 3 weeks, 3 huge shooters
  • Recurring Question: The PS4 Pro
  • Topic: Rimworld
  • Topic: What's next for Blizzard?
  • Hype Train + Game Recommendations
    • Dungeon Defenders 2
    • Dragon Quest Builders
    • Divinity Original Sin 2
    • Rock Band Rivals
    • Retro Pixel Castles
    • Pokemon Sun and Moon
    • Civilization 6
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Red Dead Redemption 2
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