Radio Waves for 04/19/13

April showers bring retro gaming. The releases have hit a bit of a lull, allowing one such as myself some time to catch up and breathe (when allergies and stormy downpours aren’t thinking otherwise). What better excuse to hit up some smaller titles that remind me of the days in my parents’ basement in front… Continue reading

Tried It: Defiance

I’ve got a fairly diverse game collection. Indie, a few sports, some classics, WRPGs, shooters, sandboxes, strategy – in fact, the only traditionally console-based genre you won’t find in my library is JRPGs, which I’ve talked about before. However, with the release of Defiance, I’ve had the opportunity to get into one of the most… Continue reading

Darkwood Brings Horror So Bring Extra Underwear: An Interview with Acid Wizard Studio

Darkwood caught my eye a couple months back based on its art style, atmosphere and “hardcore” take on gaming. Because I’m the curious type, I decided to try and get a hold of the Acid Wizard Studios, the team behind the game. Being the cordial gents that they are, they answered some very hard hitting questions… Continue reading