Played Oquonie – I Love What You’ve Done With The Place

Oquonie is an isometric puzzle game for iOS created by interactive designer Devine Lu Linvega of XXIIVV in collabration with illustrator Rekka Bellum. You control a weird little creature interacting with other even stranger looking creatures speaking an unintelligible language. The areas you explore are a confusing series of rooms that twist and fold back… Continue reading

Super Gaming Best Friends #405 – Singular Speedo Boss

When Aaron drinks in the morning he stumbles across empty Boston overworlds until he finds mystery dungeons. Jordan misplaced an FBI agent’s clothes during a WWII battle over soap materials. Justin pays for glitchy HBO so don’t spoil any of it for him. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get… Continue reading

Potato Bumps #102 – Wrestlemania Play Button

One week after Wrestlemania, Cole and Justin still believe in The Future. They run down the card and look ahead to the next year of WWE while making their first official predictions and fantasy booking ideas because Rusev need to join The Authority. Potato Bumps – The professional wrestling podcast from the personalities of For… Continue reading

Played The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Shoot Your Gun If You Understand

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a third-person, tactical shooter set during the Cold War in 1962. The Bureau of Operations and Command, or XCOM, was created to coordinate US armed forces against the event of Soviet invasion. Thankfully, the director, Myron Faulke, was preparing the organization as the front line in a war against the “Outsiders,”… Continue reading

Potato Bumps #101 – 2014 WWE Recap and Awards

Just before Wrestlemania 31, Justin, Cole, and Josh get seriously serious about wrestling podcasting. Bring on the Potato Bumps. We start with revisiting all of the special events in WWE / NXT from Wrestlemania 30 to Fastlane. Then hand out some awards. Potato Bumps – The professional wrestling podcast from the personalities of For booking… Continue reading