It appears as though things have changed around here. Upon further inspection, yep, that is most definitely the case. Welcome to the latest version of Horrible Night. Unlike previous upgrades, this is a fresh start for the first time since our launch 5 years ago.

Patch Notes

For a variety of unrelated and related video game reasons, we took a long break last fall. Depending on the day, we were either coming back tomorrow or never coming back at all. However, as it got closer to the end of the year, that game of the year itch hit us hard, and we rallied together in the name of The 2015 Grimmys. It quickly became obvious that we still have a lot more to say about playing video games and the plan to relaunch started almost immediately.

So what are we doing here?

Horrible Night is a video game editorial site. We aren't journalists and we aren't personalities. We just play games and tell the stories that rise from those experiences.

How we tell those stories has certainly changed over the last few years, but here's what we currently have planned:

  • A couple of written articles a week
    • Editorials, game journals, reviews, ongoing series, and some comedic pieces.
  • Multiple podcasts a month - Subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud.
    • Horrible Nightcast - individual interviews with the Horrible Night staff to catch up on why they play what they play.
    • Super Gaming Best Friends - when a group of us gets together, I'm sure nothing will go as planned.
    • Spoilercasts - this is a safe place to talk about all the dirty details we can remember.
    • Checkpoints - one quick topic that we had to get out of our systems.
  • A couple of videos per month on YouTube/HorribleNightTV starting with:
    • Game Curious - watch us form our first impression of a game.
    • Highlight Clips - the most memorable moments shared from random game sessions.
    • Gamethrough - when we want to share an entire game with the world.
  • Monthly livestreams on YouTube
    • Random games at random times. Hang out with us if you are around.

All of this will be produced by some familiar creators that have been with Horrible Night for years, alongside some new members that we're excited to introduce in the coming weeks.

Something is missing

This cleanse didn't come without scars. It was time to move forward that doesn't mean that we still can't look back on how we got here.

  • Periodically, you will see a few of our favorite articles and podcast episodes return to the site.
  • In the meantime, you can still view everything from 2009-2015 on our archive site over at

Back to our regularly unscheduled gaming

Thank you for your support of Horrible Night. You make this fun for us. It's good to be back. Alright, can we go play some games now?