It has been a while since I revisited the wonderfully creative community that surrounds Planet Coaster. I remember seeing a few intricate coaster videos last fall, but none of them were Tron. This Tron ride is more than a coaster. It feels like a theme park attraction like you'd see at Disney. It's not about loops, speed, and death defying gravity stunts since it actually focuses on an aspect not commonly associated with roller coaster: storytelling.

I'm a sucker for Tron nostalgia as the original movie is responsible for my interest in computer graphics, special effects, and even my curiosity around the possibility of video games. In some ways, this video game roller coaster about Tron brings all of that full circle.

Outside of my own personal ties to Tron, I'm in awe of how this can even be made in Planet Coaster. Granted, I haven't followed the mod scene of the game and I'm not sure how the custom made items come together, but it's still incredibly impressive. The custom 3D models, the brilliantly synced audio complete with quotes from the movie, and the stunning audio visual transitions full of lasers and lighting effects make it really feel like an authentic Tron experience. I guess there is more to this Planet Coaster than seeing how fast I can make roller coaster go before sending the car literally off the rails. Now, I just need to play Tron in VR.