Welcome to The 2020 Grimmys - HorribleNight.com's Games of the Year Awards. Join Justin, Cole, Aaron, Coop, Ryan, Josh, Justin G, and JB as they nominate, deliberate, and select finalists and award winners for 11 different awards including Horrible Night's Top Ten Games of the Year.


The 2020 Grimmys - Games of the Year Awards

Part One

  • The Warmup Awards
  • Old Game of the Year
  • Best Indie Game Debut
  • Mr Dave Award for Best New Character
  • Feature of the Year

Part Two

  • Intermission Awards
  • Moment of the Year
  • Best Sounding Thing
  • Best Looking Thing
  • Best Performance of the Year

Part Three

  • Interruption Awards
  • Story of the Year
  • Developer of the Year
  • Game of the Year
    • Top Ten Games
    • The Gauntlet
    • Top Four Debate

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